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We are during Summer 2006 re-starting our dealerships. We have already selected 5 high-end only dealers who are already impressed with last years demos, and this Spring will recieve the updated DEQ package for demonstration in their premises. Our dealers, once setup will have regionally exclusive dealership, and offer demnstration for customers who cannot travel to our Southern Demo room.

London, the South, South West, London, North and Scotland.(Full details TBA)


We continue to sell direct and on the Internet in the main, to ensure the fantastic Value-For-Money continues, but will subsidise  those selected dealers to promote regional demonstration at your convenience.


Most high street brands work on a factor of 10% production cost / RRP, this allows only compromised build quality, and acoustics, which need massive sales through vast dealer chains and promotion. We don't do that.


Pure quality is expensive o build, and only a small company ould dare to produce a loudspeaker without compromise. We are that small company, and we trade on our demontrable superiority, and testimonies from customers and dozens of plaudits and exhibitionlisteners.

After some time, the mainstream press have taken up your interests to review them too.

We dont do easy- listening, nor smooth out crackling vinyl or dated naked recordings, but play a well recorded or complex detailed CD and you will wonder why you ever doubted SUHTL is the only design that really delivers FULL-RANGE (18hz-18khz human hearing) fidelity without audible echoes and interference.

Other's may claim full-range, we REALLY do it, and from just one place. Real voices come from just one place..


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