Design Features:

    Unlike most loudspeakers this is a Patented Invention, thereby guaranteeing that the product is

      1. an inventive step beyond anything done before, not just normal practice within the field of loudspeakers,

      2. unique in the world after exhaustive search and examination procedures of the patent office's globally respected award.

    Driver 230W full-range triple- concentric drivers (no crossover distortion / no parallax distortion) bronze/gold mirror finish metallic cones

    Enclosure    The world's finest Transmission Line (TL), built without compromise, offering ultra low distortion characteristics via the driver or the room, exceptional evenly attenuated bass extension down below 20hz. Finished with real mahogany and gold.

    Superb back reflection elimination from special enclosure material (no MDF or wood used) and internal design

    low impedance-distortion characteristics (amplifier-friendly)

    minimal cabinet-resonance / sound coloration (even amplitude throughout audio range)

    detailed bass definition (separate bass instruments, and plucking styles)

    twice as efficient/loud as most other high-end loudspeakers - enabling lower amplifier power i.e. ideal for a valve or class-A amplifier


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