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The product is brand new and is in short production initially, many experts, retailers and owners have  agreed it is the best loudspeaker they have ever heard.

2 years of development with laboratory and lounge measurements made without compromise confirm the sound is excellent.

All the best technologies and innovative design to erradicate the SOURCES of distortion have been implemented for the first time in an affordable product.


I thought it was a British trait to enjoy understatement, but that just makes the experience better - because it's always hard to believe something so visually simple is sounding so good.


to discuss some patented ideas..

Yes triaxials are good drivers, but not good enough on their own. You want a sensible sized enclosure with no distortion from the enclosure to the driver, and no sound coming out of the enclosure elsewhere right?

so to make the World's Best Loudspeaker  you will obviously need the World's Best enclosure or possibly a hole in your outside listening room wall instead. Personally I prefer a beutifully crafted enclosure you can admire as a piece of jaw-dropping furniture/art in it's own right.


put any driver in an imperfect enclosure and guess what - distortion, inefficiency, reverberation, echo, - result=sounds good but not incredible.

It's the enclosure that you cant see inside that's most amazing not it's driver. Convincing Realism can come into your lounge only by controlling the rear wave perfectly - that makes the difference between the driver working efficiently and the sound audible from one point source, or not!



to discuss some patented ideas...

 there is no point starting something without finishing it.

I ask you what is the perfect combination?

what driver allows sensible width with enough bass from one unit?

what enclosure controls the rear wave most effectively?

what is the best materials you could build your enclosure with?

what is the best way to evolve such a design to home in on excellence?

what testing criteria to use?

etc etc etc!

save yourself the bother - the answers are already implemented, and the answer is the Resolution





excuse my prejudice but they can not have sound eminating only from one point source - so they can NEVER be as clear as ours. Your ear/brain is not convinced a sound is real if it is...


1 eminating from different positions at one time

2 followed delayed by unnatural late reflections(reflex/rear woofer)

3 been fiddled around with electronically(crossover phase etc distortions)


I bet those are very very good sound though, but not for the purist - more for power than purity.


see the webpage for some more info on this subject



In Reply to: Guess he hasn't seen the latest Bang & Olufsons posted by Bill Fitzmaurice on December 04, 2003 at 11:46:40:


No I havent seen them

I dont need to if they got more than one place where the sound comes out.

If you want studio ref monitors - you need these.


thanks for complement on 'box' (years of R&D)


theres hope here but it's a bit less interesting to talk about boxes than shiny things with badges I guess.

Oh well



PS I do all my mixing with these(PC/VST/ISIS Card/Logic Audio/CD burning) and I get so much more done than before because it's so easy to distinguish mistakes, instruments, EQ etc. Nice too to have them just 2 feet from my ears just above desk level(that something noone else can do right)






Re: World's Best Speakers? - ishmael 10:46:36 12/04/03 (1)


In Reply to: World's Best Speakers? posted by Big Dave on December 04, 2003 at 09:07:06:


Let's display at least a modicum of commone sense. I am not one to completely equate cost with quality (or good sound), but when you realize that there are speakers out there, some of them truly excellent, costing upwards of $25,000/pair, what are the chances that speakers selling on E-Bay for $1200 are the 'World's Best Speakers'?

Re: World's Best Speakers? - WBL Rep 05:37:14 12/09/03 (0)


In Reply to: Re: World's Best Speakers? posted by ishmael on December 04, 2003 at 10:46:36:


Sorry for not inflating the price, right!

For you the price is.....40k OK

by the way the reason it is such a bargain is because I keep things simple K.I.S.S.

If you believe that the best things in life are simple, why not loudspeakers? Obviously if the best loudspeakers have to be complex to overcome complex problems it will cost an arm and a leg to make/buy.


having been an analyst most of my career leads me to conclude otherwise.


Get them while you can, there is a VERY limited supply this year






Re: Tough claim - regmac 10:25:48 12/04/03 (2)


In Reply to: Tough claim posted by mikebake on December 04, 2003 at 09:51:26:


Strikes me as a bit silly inasmuch as "best" is quite relative to one's room and associated equipment. An $80K pair of--cost no object--speakers are clearly not the "best" speakers for a guy with a 10x12' room. In his case an $800 pair of mini monitors may prove to be the "best."








WBL Rep: not really, it gets better.. - WBL Rep 16:08:03 12/09/03 (0)


In Reply to: Re: Tough claim posted by regmac on December 04, 2003 at 10:25:48:


You are assuming that the room is important. That is true for other speakers which dont have perfected enclosures, and radiate sound from all over the place either by design(reflex) or by accident.

A Perfect enclosure will behave pretty much the same in different rooms as long as you sit in line.


Therefore a perfected enclosure will benefit a small room more than a large room, since any 'lost energy' will be bounced around more in the smaller space.


As I sit here, I am 15 inches from each of a pair of Resolutions,(an early prototype in fact), which work just as well as games/mixdown monitors for the PC, as they do in the 20*15 foot lounge downstairs.


This is the most flexible speaker in the world, as far as room acoustics are concerned.....




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