Bristol Show 06

Bristol Show 2006(Feb 23-35th) wow what a storm

 We had to take these pics after the show closed, as it was so packed, we could'nt sometimes get in ourselvesthis year we had dozens photographing for themselves and  media publications - the flashes were frequent, our lighting was simple but gorgeousunlike last year, this year we demoed the EQ/room correction system we bundle-in, what an improvement everyone agreed, and so many bonuses

The show was attended by about 2000 audiphiles and all the top European brands - we were, as last year on the key 2-channel floors with all the main top brands and equipment demonstrated in the listening rooms.

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click for a biger picture- we demonstrated the only clear sound at the show including bass down below 30hz, 20hz, even subsonic !. we recieved dozens of written endorsements by professionals, audiophiles and even competitors!. We finally got some professional reviewers, , and others from the mainstream magazines to come and listen (that took years before they realized our claims werent a joke), now we think they are hooked, and we really hope they will do a full review for the masses, which up till now, seems to be a service reserved only for mass-selling high street offerings and big compaines. the Bristol show page is out of date here, but will be updated in the next week . we are still discovering all the DEQ can do with our suhtl loudspeaker, and what people have said at the show is really great. we actually are having to now tweak around with the settings to INTRODUCE DISTORTION!. this is because our system was so flat -reference equalised for the room and amp etc, that it really opened up the issue of tone adjustment and CD equalisation. we now realise that we will need to continue our close cooperation with top reviewers on magazines and internet review sites to demostrate the suhtl system not only being a perfect reference system, but also catering for easy-listening and rock cds too, that we know is just a matter of adjusting settings in your screen.. Things are now boiling over in th e UK. Have your say in the brand new forum, and watch this space. i promise to publish dozens of endorsements from the show now all wrapped up and ready to go - three pairs we took to the show, now ready to loan for reviewers with equalizers and  setup assistance

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